73 Giulia Super Rebuild, Alfa Romeo, Automobilia

Alfa Romeo Giulia Super Restoration part 2

I had planed to reuse the original springs but upon removing some rubber coating on the rear springs I noticed quite a bit of rust on them. So new springs were ordered from Classic Alfa.

Stainless steel braided break lines will be installed as well. Not original but more trustworthy.


Rebuilt break calipers were also ordered from Classic Alfa. These are so nice that it’s hard to tell they are rebuilt. 

Spagetti anyone?  With all the wiring now out of the car it will be easy to check and repair all of the connections. 

The heater box (formally home of a mouse family) will be rebuilt.

At this point the car is stripped down to nothing more then steel.  All of the paint and undercoating will be stripped by a media blasting service. Then the bare metal car will be transported directly to the body shop.

All of the hardware (nuts, bolts, etc) were sent out to be electroplated with yellow cadmium. This is the best method of rust proofing 

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