73 Giulia Super Rebuild, Automobilia

Alfa Romeo Giulia Super Restoration part 5

While the super’s body is out being cut and welded it’s a good time to work on the little things and acquire parts.

The next project I’m planing on doing is the wire harness. I’m going to make a new one with all the correct color wires, new connectors and some modifications.  I’m going to run some extra circuits;  I want another break light on the rear parcel shelf for safety, I’m going to install a set of fog lights on the front bumper and I need some direct power to the dash for a radio, and several USB plugs for GPS and various device charging.  

I also plan to install relays for the starter and the headlamps.   As this is not a concurs restoration I’m also upgrading to a modern fuse box with “blade” fuses and two extra circuits. The plan is to install this larger box in the drivers side foot well wall if there is room.  



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