73 Giulia Super Rebuild, Automobilia

Alfa Romeo Giulia Super Restoration part 9

The seats in the super were in bad shape. I ordered Italian leather in the same color as the previous vinyl covers. The old covers and foam were stripped off leaving the rusty frames which were then blasted to bare metal and powder coated. The final resulting frames look better then new.

The felt window “scrapers” were also in very sad shape doing more hame then good. The old crumbling felt guides were removed from the stainless steel trim and the new felt was glued on with contact cement then stainless wire was cut to emulate the original staples. The result looks the same new will not rust.

The seat tracks were disassembled, media blasted then repainted. Stainless steel trim was sent off for polishing.

IMG_4081 IMG_4082 IMG_4083 IMG_4084 IMG_4085 IMG_4100 IMG_4101 IMG_4102 IMG_4103 IMG_4104 IMG_4107 IMG_4108 IMG_4110 IMG_4111 IMG_4113 IMG_4115 IMG_4116 IMG_4117 IMG_4119 IMG_4121 IMG_4124 IMG_4125 IMG_4126


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