2011 NY to California, Cross Country Drive, Drives

NY to California 2011 via Lincoln Highway – Day 3 – Hanoverton to Van Wert OH

We departed the Spread Eagle and headed west again via the Lincoln Highway. The first stop on the map was a bit of the original brick paved sections of TLH. It was a bit bumpy but not nearly as bad as the sections that were paved over with tar that eventually broke up and now there are pot-holes. Good idea!  Next was the city of Canton were we checked out the quite amazing Canton Classic Car Museum. (http://cantonclassiccar.org/) The best thing about this collection was not the cars but the mountains of kitsch and novelty items collected and displayed. If you’re in Canton it’s worth a visit and print out the discount coupon on the website.  Before we left Canton we stopped at the President McKinley monument/burial site. And not only was this former president entombed there, reportedly a certain Dr. from Transylvania was also buried nearby.

For our brewery stop of the day we picked Olde Jaol from the sparse list of places worth going to. Unfortunately this place was a brewery in name only. Sam Adams was as micro as their brews got.

While waiting for a slow freight train to pass we check out Carls Garage, that was one of the cleanest auto repair shops I’ve ever seen and included a collection of 50s cars and a replica Sinclair gas station next door.

We were getting tired and hotel selections were slim so we hesitantly checked into our motel in the depressed town of Van Wert, OH.   The pool was not so inviting but there was wifi.


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