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California to NY 2011 – Day 8:- Madison WI to Holland MI

Driving on Interstate 90 in Wisconsin, Illinois and Indiana was quite horrible with endless miles of incomplete road construction, badly damaged tarmac and insane drivers who are oblivious to the lanes they are supposed to stay in and what the passing lane is for. Long gone were the twisty mountain roads and stunning vistas only to be replaced by tractor trailers weaving across our path with wild abandon.  Fortunately we had an enjoyable morning exploring downtown Madison while we were in search of espresso and some take-away lunches. Mother Fool’s Coffeehouse (motherfools.com ) typified the entire community surrounding it; bohemian Communists art-punks. Banksky-esque street art is on display on many of the walls.  For a takeaway lunch, we were recommended to stop by Willy Street Co-op, where we found an amazing grocery/health food store that made fantastic sandwiches.   A fantastic vibe is palpable in this quiet and very historic downtown. Among its many eclectic shops are some great breweries, coffee shops, art galleries and ethnic cafes all easily walked or driven to thanks to the lack of traffic and relaxed pace of the populace.

Our first rest after several hours of torture on interstate 90 was in Munster Indiana at Three Floyds Brewery (3floyds.com) . A quick break for a microbrew then back on the highway with our destination being Holland Michigan.  Holland, being settled by Dutch, includes an authentic windmill that Dinky was keen on visiting. The beautiful and quite affluent downtown is also home to New Holland Brewing (newhollandbrew.com) , a great microbrew company that also includes a great restaurant. Main street also is home to many upscale shops that display plaques telling of the buildings previous Dutch origins.


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  1. Shahin says:

    Amazing Amazing Amzing restoration!!!! I LOVE Giulia Supers, and absolutely love the fact that you are traveling cross country with one! Where are you now? Anywhere near Detroit by any chance?…. I am interested in purchasing a Giulia Super myself, and would like to know what are the things that I need to look for before buying? Known rust pots and more, any help you can give me would be greatly appreciated! Many Thanks! And Good Luck with your Journey!!!

  2. Fred Frey says:

    Thanks for the nice words about the re-build. Our trip ended started on Aug 4th and ended Sep 3rd 2011, so we’er back home. After all the driving I wanted to have some time to think about and write a summation of the trip. Not finished with that yet.As for buying a super… check out the Alfabb.com. There is a sub section for sedans where they are many helpful alfisti willing to help guide you through the process. There’s more to know then I can write here.

  3. Shahin says:

    Thank you! Hoep that we can stay in touch! Your restoration is simply stunning! Hopefully one day I will own a Giulia super too! 😉 meanwhile though you can check my classic here in my blog it is a 1968 Singer Gazelle only 6 of them left, and the only example of it here in the US!http://www.paykanhunter.com/2010/05/taming-gazelle.html

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