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Padua Trip – Day Six; Arrivo!

As the Auto D’Epoca starts tomorrow (Thursday) and the trip from Como to Padua is only 3 hours via the Autostrada and we have the day to transverse the distance – we’ve planned a slow route. Twisty small roads in the mountainous lake area of Northern Italy are plentiful, so we mapped out a path that would take us along the lake shores and then into the mountains zig zagging back and forth as we climbed the switch-backs.  Dinky did not realize the mountain road would be as good as it was so no Go-Pro came footage was captured. This footage would have showed the near accident between our 33 and some mini-van that tried to squeeze past us on a road width suitable only for a donkey – a skinny one!

After several hours of these spaghetti roads we arrived at our Alfisti friends storage facility in Lugano Switzerland. The collection is owned by two brothers who have been bitten by the Alfa bug at a young age and have amassed quite a collection of some of the more interesting and very original low milage Alfas.

Several hours and two lake car ferries later we were on the boring Autostrata heading west toward Venice for our destination – a B&B on the outskirts of Padua.

Tomorrow – Day one of Auto D’Epoca

Screen Shot 2014-10-22 at 11.17.23 PM

If you find yourself in the Como area, this road is recommended. A small car is a must!

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  1. Ha! No way that was a near-accident! You chicken! 😉 I stopped the car, the oncoming car was at crawling speed and when I started moving again my wheel hit a small rock. Plus a twig got entangled under the car, that was all. Great donkey trail, thanks for finding it 😉

  2. Italians are making nice cars, shitty narrow roads, not the best beers, good wines and food but horrible drivers, though! 🙂

    BTW, FFF is a topper!

    Have fun e cin-cin!

  3. Narrow roads are fun and they do know how to brew a really nice beer:

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