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Europe 2015 – Part Thirteen: Back to the Netherlands

August 4th – 9th 2015

August 4/5: Setting off from Lake Garda we traveled North back to the Netherlands via Austria and Germany arriving into the Netherlands via Maastricht. Our first day on the road through the beautiful Dolomites located in Northeastern Italy on twisty and undulating roads. Our stop over for the night was in Hallstättersee Austria at Hotel Lindwurm from there we took a extended walk to that ended with a well needed and quite good German wheat beer at Welterbewirtshaus Steegwirt

August 6/7 2015
We departed Hallstättersee Austria and drove Northwest towards our destination of Aschaffenburg, Germany; our stop over for the night. The impressive castle Schloss Johannisburg was a key feature on our hikearound the river Main that it sits along side of.  The imposing building was built between 1605 & 1614 this large castle served as residence of the archbishop-electors of Mainz. The weather was quite warm and the walk was long – fortunately a beer garden was at the end .

August 8 2015
Back the Netherlands our first stop was in Maastricht for a walk and a few beers, then back on the road for our overnight in Utrecht before the flight out of Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport. Our first stop in the Utrecht was the Alfa Mechanic to replace the faulty stater motor that was giving us added adventures throughout most of the trip. We then walked around the small city and came  upon a strange raft party going on in the main canal.

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