Europe 2016, Netherlands 2016

Netherlands and the Chunnel to the UK 2016

The standard KLM overnight flight from JFK to Schiphol saw Dinky pick up up in the AlfaSud and take us to the apartment in Egmond aan Zee.  After dropping the bags off we set off for the small city of Alkmaar for a walk around then to explore the village of Zaandijk and a the new Brouwerij Hoop.  Oproer Brewpub is just outside of Utrecht.

The city of Hoorn

A visit to the island of Ameland

The Fort along Den Ham  is a fort that is part of the UNESCO World Heritage site of the Stelling van Amsterdam. It’s located along the railroad from Uitgeest to Krommenie. The earthen walls date from 1896, the fort itself was finished in 1903

A drive to Calais for the Chunnel to the UK.   Stopping to pick up cheese at Cono cheese factory, visiting a brewery in Rotterdam, beer shopping outside of Ghent and an overnight stay in Calais.


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