Europe 2018, Netherlands, United Kingdom

Europe 2018 – Part One – Groningen to Grainthorpe

Avoiding the bridges and traffic that surrounds New York City we decided to travel via the ferry from Connecticut to Long Island and then west to JFK airport. We arrived and checked Nico in for the flight and it was as usual – a long wait as they tried to figure out how to do the paperwork. Landing in Schiphol airport we were fortunately picked up by Hans and driven up to Groningen to spend a couple of days. We picked up the AlfaSud from storage and drove to the mechanic just outside of Utrecht to have some work done on the car while we are staying a week in the UK.  Next was the train to Rotterdam central station, a few hours walk around the modern city and next an Uber ride from hell to find the Europort and P&O Ferry terminal.  The following 7 days were spent in the county of  Lincolnshire UK.  A trip to the new International Bomber Command Centre was the highlight of the trip.

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  1. Andrew Fisher says:

    Great photos – especially the feathers and the tap!!

    1. Fred Frey says:

      Thanks Andrew. We’ve been virtually without internet over the last week for the trip to IT from NL. Lots of photos and words to post soon.

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