Alfa Romeo, Drives, FLA to CT

Florida to Connecticut via Giulia Super 2019 – Day Three

Setting off and heading north on I40,  the first thing to do was to fill up on some non ethanol fuel so I exited the interstate for the more scenic route 11. Heading toward the Chesapeake bridges and tunnels along route 17 past  historic buildings and small town renewal. The only stop was to pay the toll for the series of bridges and tunnels. Nico enjoyed this toll stop as he got his choice three huge dog cookies – he picked the one shaped like a bird.  Once on this roadway elevated above the water (not really a bridge) the temperatures plummeted thanks to the large cold bay and the strong winds. Even when the series of tunnels and bridges met the land the brisk temps remained. Once on land it was gas time and probably the last station on the trip to have non-ethanol fuel as the other states on the trip do not allow it. CAPE CHARLES was the next stop with its beach and very small historic downtown that includes a small brewery along with some train cars. Another hour North was the overnight stop  Salisbury, MD. The new mayor is working towards renewal and seeking tourism. The center includes a small river and a tiny riverwalk that has been overtaken by Canada Geese – in-fact the entire town seems to have been invaded by these honking geese.  EVOLUTION CRAFT BREWING is part of the downtown since 2012 and produces a quality product in a former ICE factory taking advantage of the deep water wells used in the former factory.

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