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Europe 2019 – Netherlands – Egmond aan Zee

Cor and Hans took us on a little tour of the Groningen area. Our first stop was the Foundation Museum Havezate Mensinge consisting of a Museum & restaurant in a restored, furnished coachman’s manor house dating back to the 14th century that is surrounded by a moat. The artist Henk Helmantel has a showing of his work at the museum as well. Then a visit to a windmill that manufactures both flower, grains and linseed oil used to preserve wood. We then set off for Egmond aan Zee, on the way we stopped at IKEA for some storage bowls then Cono kaasmakers for a couple of chunks of cheese for both our time in NL and our trip to the UK. While in Egmond aan zee we visited the nearby village of Bergen for a small market and to see the ruined church in the center of the village. Back in Egmond we visited Sancti Adalberti Brouwerij – an Abby brewery that has a nice assortment of Belgian style beers.  The following day we awoke to a sunny day at the beach and explored the “roots market” (craft market) and the Bunker Museum located in the dunes.

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