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Europe 2019 – Netherlands – Drive up the coast

Another grey day with drips of rain occasionally falling lead to a car drive up the coast north of Egmond aan Zee.  Our first stop was at the Molen de Gouden Engel, a mill where they grind their own flour and sell fresh baked goods and bread making kits. Next was Museum Kranenburgh located in the beautiful village of Bergen. The art on display was of the “modern” variety and it was difficult to tell what was the art and what were the paint brush cleaning sheets. Outside they had a very wobbly plank and rope sky walkway – the highlight of the art museum. A stop for a typical Dutch lunch at Bolletjescafé de Klok consisting of Kroketten (vegetarian) and beer. Then a drive towards the village of Den Helder along the sea wall and beaches.

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