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Europe 2019 – Netherlands; Vet and Cheese

With a visit to the local vet planed many months ago for Nico to get his worm pill so he is allowed into the UK this gave us the opportunity for a car ride.  Our first stop was at Breuwerij Hoop in the Zaandijk area famous for its riverside windmills, quaint green painted houses and masses of Asian tourists. Fortunately the brewery was a bit too far off the tourist track for them to discover.  Next our appointment with the vet; 7 euro 50 cents was the total for the checkup and pills – a fraction of what would only be the medication in the USA. Next came a visit a Heiloo shopping center and some coffee and apple cake.  Cono Cheese makers was next to pick up a gift of cheese and a stop at a waterside cafe for a local brew.  A scenic drive back to Egmond via tiny water sided roads was the way home. That eventing a funfair was set up in Egmond. Time to try another Oily Ball – this time it was not as good as the last one.

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  1. Bruce says:

    Following along trying to imagine the coolness, it’s above 100 here for quite a while now. Keep you cool on! Bruce

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