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Europe 2019 – UK; South to North

In the morning waking up hours too early for the 8:30 breakfast we decided not to wait around and set off into what became a horrific rain storm complete with lighting, thunder and sudden road closures due to flooding.  Our pre-planned stops were discarded as we simply wanted to get away from this area and the downpour. A gas station breakfast then North on the M25 and across the River Thames via the Dartford crossing tunnel. Fortunately the Alfasud’s windshield wipers that were barley working prior to this suddenly started working fast and smoothy. Perhaps lack of use over the years caused them to slow down.   the Cambridge area the weather became substantially clearer and even a bit sunny. At this point we decided to return to our scenic route and visit at least a couple of our points of interest.  National Trust – Lyveden is an unfinished Elizabethan summer house constructed for Sir Thomas Tresham, the fervent Roman Catholic of Rushton Hall in the years1605. It was never completed and it remains as it was when the builders left following Sir Thomas Tresham’s death.  Just a bit North is Kirby Hall built in 1570. This is another Elizabethan country house owned by Sir Christopher Hatton, Lord Chancellor to Queen Elizabeth I. Rather then unfinished, this massive home is now mostly in ruin with only part with its original roof intact.

After these two scenic stops it was time to head North in earnest and reach our destination for the next week; Grainthorpe and North Sumercotes.

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  1. Hans says:

    Good thing you treated the windscreen with Rain-X. The Sud’s wipers and downpour are no good friends.

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