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New insulation, sheetrock and windows in bedroom

The old double hung windows were a source of cold air blowing into the house as they had terrible weather sealing as well as the insulation inside the walls being quite old and lacking in quality. First step was to remove the old sheetrock and see what surprises lie behind the wallboards. Cutting the sheetrock along the bottom edge of crown molding created quite a dust storm. Then horrible itchy glass fibers that makes up the 70s era insulation. Behind the insulation the old electrical system was discovered with aluminum wire and dangerous splices. One of the old windows was removed and since its view is not desirable the hole was filled in. A rotted section above one front window was discovered to be a nest for ants. When the insulation was removed they fell like rain before death from poison spray. After the insulations was removed, new electrical coper wire was installed and the old aluminum was removed. New, less itchy insulation installed, then sheet-rocked over and plastered and painted. The windows were trimmed and the oak flooring looking tired, was sanded and several coats of polyurethane was applied. A new lower bed frame was made from 2x6s and the room was decorated – FINISHED!

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