Europe 2009

Dutch Alfa Club Spettacolo Sportivo & Vintage Car Dealers

August 29-30 2009

Before the Dutch Alfa Convention opens to the public we decided to visit a FIAT/ABARTH and Alfa Romeo new car dealer. At this time, no Fiats or Alfas were available in the USA nor had been for many years. This very accommodating dealer allowed us to test out an Abarth on the open roads. It was quite fun.

Next was the Spettacolo held at the Zandvoort Circuit.  Featured Marque this year was ZAGATO. It was quite an amazing show with plenty of rare cars on display and on the race track.  Our last visits for the trip was two vintage car dealers. Joop Stolze, who’s cars were stored in a series of greenhouses and Montagna d’Oro who’s collection of cars focused more on quality then quantity.

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