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1600 Zagato Engine Work part 2

The following photos show the final upgrades and general clean-up. I’ve been driving the car over the last few days and have put 200 miles on her so far. As I’m still breaking in, I’ve not really pushed the Z very hard but I can still feel major improvements in performance. The cams and exhaust from Alfaholics provide an all new boost of power at 3,500 rpm. At first it almost felt like a turbo boost! The 1600 engine is an amazing little unit. As a refresher this is what was done:

New Transmission mount Replaced Clutch/pressure plate, Change flywheel to lightened steel, Replace rear engine seal, Change fuel pump to rebuild original, Change motor mounts, Replace exhaust system with Alfaholics stainless. New transmission seals and o-rings.

Engine work: New valves (oversized intake), valve guides and Alfaholic performance cams, Racing valve springs, Racing chains, All new gaskets and seals, Replace cracked valve cover, New Hastings Rings, Inspect all bearings. Also the carburetors were completely disassembled and rebuilt.

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