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Watkins Glen Vintage GP 2021 Alfa Romeo Featured


Thursday September 9th 2021

The start of the official Vintage Weekend events began with the Lakewood Vineyards FLX Alfa Romeo Show and Journey to the Top Car Show and Rallye. Alfa owners from all across the USA converged on Lafayette Park in downtown Watkins Glen. After signing in and exploring the town, participants went on a scenic drive throughout some of the most interesting sights the area had to offer. We decided to skip the drive and visit the Watkins Glen State Park and its wet waterfalls. The scenic drive terminated at Lakewood Vineyards.

Friday, September 10 2021

The main event of the weekend was the Tour de Marque featuring Alfa Romeo. Just after sunrise, drivers converged on Chateau LaFayette Reneau Winery for a wonderful breakfast and driver’s meeting. Driving instructions for the scenic drive were distributed and one-by-one cars were released for the several hour drive. A lunch stop was incorporated into the drive at a large forest recreation area. The second half of the drive included several laps on the historic Watkins Glen circuit, including the original street sections of the old historical track. The drive terminated at Lafayette Park where participants enjoyed the town and viewed historic race cars blasting down Main Street

Saturday September 11th 2021

Racing is what Watkins Glen is all about and in particular, vintage racing is the highlight of the weekend. Aside from the exciting on-track action, race fans also were permitted to wander around the paddock and see the historic race cars up close and even talk to the owners/racers. What a wonderful display of historic vintage Alfas tearing up the track


After the races…… With a busy day at the track behind us, it was time to unwind. For some, it was a stop at a local BBQ


Additional photos from the Tour de Marque by ALLSTYLES PRODUCTIONS.
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