2011 NY to California, Alfa Romeo, Cross Country Drive, Drives

NY to California 2011 via Lincoln Highway – Introduction

With the Super now completed,  the route on the map highlighted and points of interest indicated we are set to depart on a 8,000 mile round trip.  The route from east to west will follow as much of the Lincoln Highway as possible. Along the route we plan to visit many microbreweries and some unusual road-side attractions. On the journey west to east I will be joined by two Dutch Alfsiti who are flying into San Francisco. We will be travailing via a northern route with part of the journey thorough Canada.

Join us on this trip by following our progress with the maps below

Some links of interest:
Lincoln Highway Association
Lincoln Highway News
Concorso Italiano
Giulia Super re-build photo gallery

The Route:

View Lincoln Highway2 in a larger map

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