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California to NY 2011 – Day 10: London Ontario to Livingston Manor NY

I suppose after a miserable journey through Canada we were due something of worth before we departed. This scenic gift was Niagara Falls. Although the falls are on US territory the best view is on the Canadian side. With $20 bucks parking fee paid we took a quick look and eagerly drove towards the US border. The queues at the customs gates were all long but we eventually got our chance to be harassed by the border patrol. As we rolled forward we re-entered not only the USA but New York! The super had completed it’s NY-CA-NY adventure. Giulia could blow up at this point and the trip would still be deemed successful by me. Back to normal speed limits we were able to cover the miles of lush hills and smooth roads quickly. We arrived at a fellow NYAROC member’s lakeside cabin in Livingston Manor just as the sun began to set. Tired and sweaty from the drive, we jumped into the lake – then, feeling revived, enjoy some craft beer and recounted many of our stories from the road to our generous host. With only one day left before the Dutch guys had to fly home, we decided one more scenic road trip was in order. We took the Bear Mountain bridge and parkway back to Long Island via the ferry from CT.


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