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California to NY 2011 – Day 2: Oakhurst California to Fallon Nevada

After a long day of twisty, high altitude roads yesterday – we had much more to look forward today. We left the horrid Black Hawk Lodge in Coarsegold CA and drove north on route 41 towards Yosemite park. When we reached the center of the park we turned northeast on the Tioga Pass Road. Along the way we stopped to enjoy a quick cool off in one of the mountain streams. The water was quite refreshing to both be in and drink.  Aside from being stuck behind some first time drivers and some motor homes, the Tioga Pass was a very nice road, though not as twisty as I expected.  Momo Lake was quite a surprise after we creased a peak. Just past Momo Lake we stopped into Virginia Creek Settlement (http://www.virginiacreeksettlement.com/) for pizza and micro brews.  Being pretty hungry we ordered much more then we could eat and smelled pizza from the trunk the rest of the day. Ending the day back on the Lincoln Highway again in the depressed town of Fallow NV

Total Distance: 404.09 km (251.1 mi) Total Time: 11:58:28
Moving Time: 9:17:02
Average Speed: 33.75 km/h (21.0 mi/h)
Average Moving Speed: 43.52 km/h (27.0 mi/h)
Max Speed: 140.16 km/h (87.1 mi/h)
Min Elevation: 1148 m (3768 ft)
Max Elevation: 3001 m (9844 ft)
Elevation Gain: 4167 m (13673 ft)

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  1. Beverley Fisher says:

    Love the new addition to the car. He is very cute. Any real bear out there? Pictures look great, and you look like you are having fun.

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