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Padua day two – Holland, heading south

Arriving in Groningen was as always a treat. A beautiful train station awaits you as you depart. Dinky picked me up in his Alfa 33 and we creeped along in rush hour traffic towards Cor and Corrys home for lots of beers, food and talking. Even though I managed to sleep on the flight I felt sleep crashing my consciousness. Saturday feeling much refreshed Dinky, Cor and I worked on swapping out the 33s winter tires for its more performance tires then hit the road southward. Our first stop was to check out a Renault Alpine that a buddy is interested in. To me, it’s further proof that the French are incapable of making a good looking car. It’s V6 rear engine and low slung cockpit are all an attraction – but that horrible rear end is a complete turn off. To me, it looks like trouble, but I’m biassed – if it’s not Italian, it can’t be any good.   Now, time for beer!

Dinky located a fantastic beer store directly across the street from the seller of the Renault so all was not lost. They promoted the fact they stocked 1500 beers but upon entering the wear-house like store is seemed like much more. Dinky and I purchased enough beer to warrant two free glasses of beer at the bar next door. Free beer in Holland?!

Following this surprise, we made our way over to Dinky’s mothers house for dinner and quite a few of the purchased beers.

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  1. Hehe, you had already a ‘fresh starter’ on Saterday morning Fred 🙂



  2. Yes, I agree with you Fred about that Renault…

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