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Padua trip – Day three; a side trip for Alfas

Departing DInky’s moms house we headed south towards our hotel in Barr France, just south of Strasbourg. Then Dinky recalled that some of his Dutch Alfa Club buddies were planing to attend a car show this very weekend outside of Den Bosh Holland. So, we made a small side trip toward Den Bosh. Dink told me the show has been getting smaller each year and some of the people on the club forums did not give the show positive reviews. Upon entering the expo centers parking lot I was stunned by the amount of beautiful condition Alfas and other make Italian cars flooding into the parking area.  Surely Dinky must be mistaken, this must be one of the largest shows of the year. No, he was not impressed. Obviously he’s spoiled for great car events if this is not impressive. After spending far too much time at the show we hit road for quite a bit more time on the road then we anticipated. Arrival at the hotel was after most of the local restaurants had closed. All that was left open was a gyro/pizza shop with German influenced pizza (covered in meat) Not great for a vegetarian.

Screen Shot 2014-10-20 at 11.58.06 PM

Texas/Belgian beer!


Yum! I don’t think this qualifies as Vegetarian?


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