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Padua Trip: Day Nine – Turistico

With no desire to venture to the show again today and fight through the crowds we decided today would be a good day to explore what the city has to offer. So far, all we’ve seen is the slightly seedy industrial sections close to the expo center and train station (typically the worst section of Italian towns). After spending a couple of hours on the internet trying to determine the best historic sites we discovered Padua seemed to have limited sites compared some of the more famous Italian cities. Traveling by buss to the heard of the city mostly conformed this. Perhaps sensing this, the city has built quite a large botanical garden but it’s fairly mundane save for the huge glass green-house/museum. Still, the plants on display were mostly dull to we auto enthusiasts.  Fortunately, Saturday is also market day, so Paduas two huge outdoor markets made for some interesting walking around.

Tomorrow we start north back towards Holland with my final destination Schiphol airport.  Our mapped out route includes very twisty mountain roads.

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