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Padua Trip: Day Ten – to and fro

Well I mapped out a scenic drive like the many I’ve done in the past. I’ve mapped out drives as far as across the USA so a simple trip from Padua to Amsterdam is a “walk in the park”. Well, the alps include an entirely different set of roads. Sure, there are tunnels that go through many of the alps, and autostrada that go around many of the highest peaks – but for real drivers, the challenge and the fun is to take the twistiest and narrowest roads right through the highest points. Such was our route uploaded to our digital mapping system. Unfortunately what may look like a road on google maps may only be a foot-path up the side of a mountain! This is what we encountered after several hours of extremely narrow and twisty paved donkey paths just managed to fit on. Eventually we had to admit it, those people carrying skis up a trail were not going to move over so we could drive by!

From Padua to the boarder of Austria on a map looks like a short distance – as the crow flies it may be – but the route we drove was seemingly progressing us only up in altitude and no farther north. Vegetation disappeared and the snow appeared as we reached highest of over 6,000 feet.

As we finally descended so did the sun and we found ourselves on the cusp of entering Austria. We decided it was time to call it a day. Searching on the internet via “smart” phone yielded a seemingly reasonably priced accommodation that was at then end of a very long and narrow path just wide enough for 3/4 of a car. When we reached the top and discovered the place was closed for business we contemplated “hotel Alfa” then decided it was too cold.  Fortunately a reasonable accommodation was located.

Tomorrow – Austria via back roads to avoid the highway fees (a Dutch way to travel)

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  1. Hei, Hotel Alfa would have been a tremendously part of the adventure boys!

    Stay well and buon viaggio.

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