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Austin to Connecticut via Giulia Super – Day one

Austin Tx to Alexandria, LA / 362 miles
Screen Shot 2015-04-26 at 8.11.10 PM

East Texas is very different from where I spent much of my time driving the last few months; western Texas and the famed Hill Country.  East of Austin the hills are much smaller and more gradual and the landscape is a lush green with abundant vegetation thanks to the consistent rainfall over the past few months. Eventually the undulating roads flatten out and huge lakes and streams appear.

The Draft Bar was listed as having a good craft beer selection. After being spoiled for choice in Austin the selection here seemed just OK.  Nice weather and an outside patio made the stop all the better.

My overnight stop-over was in Alexandria Louisiana.  This historic city is situated along the mighty Red River. The years have not been kind to Alexandria. Most of the shops sit vacant with only a dozen in operation. Thankfully there were signs pointing out where they were. This compact downtown is ripe for revival with its many historic buildings and excellent riverfront.  The towns best (and only) craft beer bar was unfortunately and unexpectedly closed – hopefully just for today.

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