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Austin to Connecticut via Giulia Super – Day 6

Floyd VA to Luray, VA vie BRP & Skyline Drive – 245 milesScreen Shot 2015-05-01 at 7.35.41 PMRain and cold greater me as I awoke in my private motel. Fortunately the diner next door was open and the smell of coffee was in the air. The internet was also in the air inside the diner – back to the modern age.

The Blue Ridge Parkway was again mostly all my own. Occasional I would come upon a car with local plates. Its not worth passing these drivers as they are just on the parkway for a short spell.  The problems are camper vans with out-of-state number plates. I came upon a very large camper truck. Checking for the plate I noticed the truck was manufactured by IVECO! Hey, that’s FIATs truck division and they are not available in the USA. The number plate indicated it was from Germany!  I hung behind this driver as I expected him to pull to the side when a spot became available.  Suddenly a deer ran across his path seemingly inches from the front this truck. All thoughts of passing were gone. This truck would serve me well in clearing the road of crazy animals.  Also heading South were a group of vintage car owners driving some pre-war machines.

The clouds were very low for most of the day, so when I climbed in elevation I was in the clouds. Visibility was very poor, the road a bit slippery and evil deer waited to jump in front of me – so I drove slower then normal when up high.

Around Waynesboro VA  the Blue Ridge Parkway ended and the Skyline Drive began. I had forgotten that the parks department charges a $20 fee to enter this roadway as it’s part of the Shenandoah National Park.  For this price you get; bike riders in your way, plenty of confused and scared mini-van drivers, hikers/hippies with huge backpacks sitting on rocks along the road and huge caravans blocking the road to see the view. Also the speed limit here only 25-35 mph and there is an abundance of park rangers waiting to ticket able drivers.  Both Blue Ridge parkway and Natchez Trace were free and included none of these “features”.   Tomorrow I will be skipping the remainder of Skyline Drive in leu of the interstate for the last day of driving.

My hotel for the night was the Hillside Motel another vintage motor inn. Located in Luray VA  – a town best known for a hole in the ground; The Luray Caverns. –

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