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Austin to Connecticut via Giulia Super – Wrap up ; Day 7

Screen Shot 2015-05-08 at 11.20.10 AMAfter the tedious delays on Skyline Drive I decided to travel for miles rather then enjoyment and arrive at my Connecticut destination before dark. My route – the interstate.  I81, for an interstate, is fairly scenic with its views of the mountains and local farms. I78 through Pennsylvania is not at all enjoyable with its abundance of big rigs taking up most of the road and kicking up rocks and dirt. On a positive note I was able to attain high speeds and cover much distance.  Even though I was traveling on a weekend – avoiding the New York City area was key with its non-stop traffic and road construction/damage.

Final total: 2187 miles over 7 days.

Towards the end of the drive I did start to notice the faint sound of the clutch trow-out bearing failing. I could feel some vibration through the clutch peddle as well when it was depressed.

A new clutch kit (friction disc, pressure plate and bearing) was installed and now the clutch is better then ever (as the previous bearing was always a little faulty since new).

A mistake with a vacuum hose was also discovered and now the engine is running better then ever.

While the car was on the lift it gave me the opportunity to check the underside after all these miles and shoot some photos.

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