Brewery Visits, Colorado, USA

Colorado – Mountains & Beer

A spring visit to Colorado including the cities of Denver, Boulder, Fort Collins and a few others. The main focus of the trip is to survey the Craft Beer scene and see where the movement is going. Colorado, aside from having beautiful mountain scenery is also ground zero for the craft beer scene. Hikes, drives and city walks are also planned, after all; the breweries are closed in the early part of the day!  Photos and opinions of the breweries will follow – but first, what is up with the the strange art-work that adorns the Denver airport? Screen Shot 2017-05-05 at 10.14.28 AM.png

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  1. Is Nico member of this beer posse?

    1. No, just “Boot man” and I. Nicos protecting the bird feeder from squirrels.

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