Colorado, USA

Getting High in Colorado

After walking the entire arts district it was time for a break and travel by car. A trip up to the famed Rocky Mountain national park was mapped out. On the way towards the ever-present mountains, was a stop in Longmont for a display of lowriders at the Longmont museum.

Traveling north west, the mountains in the distance eventually became the road we traveled. The air became colder as well as thinner. This became evident as a simple jot up a trail took more effort than it should have. The scenery and homes dotting the rolling valleys are very reminiscent of Switzerland and the Alps.

Spring is still a few weeks away in the mountains and the end of the road came upon us as the ice on the road prevented public travel any farther. Travel by foot is allowed if you’ve got the gear and lungs for it.

Traveling back down via twisty jagged mountain roads, along washed out river banks and some active streams we visited the first brewery of the day – Left Handed Brewing. One of the larger outfits in Colorado though their tasting room was small and cozy.

A few minutes away was Grossen Bart Brewery ( – a very small brewhouse housed in an industrial park.

Avery Brewing is one of the largest craft breweries in Colorado if not the world. This new larger factory had a warm taproom/restaurant with a limited menu.

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  1. Beverley Fisher says:

    Looks like a great day….except for the snow!

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