Colorado, USA

Colorado Rhino

The name of the River North Arts District of course has been shortened to RiNo to meet hipster qualifications. Then that shortened name was changed to Rhino so they can use the image of the animal.  ( The area itself formerly was an industrial area just northeast of downtown Denver. Filled with rail yards, factories, scrap yards and industrial shops. A few of these industries still operate. Most of industrial spaces now have either been flattened for upcoming condos and hotels or changed over to breweries and shopping collectives. One of these collectives is “The source” A large industrial building now housing all the hipsters dietary staples; a bakery, espresso booth, meet shop, BBQ eatery, Taco restaurant, and of course a brewery.  The Crooked Stave brewery specializes in aged sour style of beer. A craft beyond craft this barrel aged beer is sold at a premium price.

Black Shirt Brewing (named after hipsters favorite garb) is also housed in an old industrial setting and its flight rack emphasizes this with its plumbing.

Sitting in the rubble of new construction is the Forney Museum of Transportation.  {}  Primarily cars it also has a smattering of trains, bikes, models and a couple of aircraft.

Great Divide Brewing is one of the big guys in Colorado. Having has a big head start on all the little breweries. This brewing company has several locations in the Denver area with this one specializing in Barrel aging.

Not too far along the street  of art covered buildings,  housed in another arched roof industrial building is Epic Brewing. Bright and popular among the locals.

Ratio Beerworks again set in a former industrial shop, was a good hide-away from the short thunderstorm that rolled by.   Parked just outside in the rain was a new Alfa Romeo Giulia.

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  1. Beverley Fisher says:

    Great Murals

    1. Some good ones.

  2. Pic 154: OMG, what did that guy smoke???
    Pic 163: Nice design, I hope you stole some of those 😉
    Pic 175: Somebody’s looking very happy 😀

    1. Not smoke… I think he sat on something!
      No, no stealing glasses!
      Happy to be inside – big thunderstorm outside

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