Colorado, USA

No Peaking

Another breakfast, fortunately there is Torchy’s Tacos!  Now we just need espresso; well there is a place called Hot Chick A Latte Coffee House . Surprisingly the espresso drink was reasonably well crafted and the drip coffee was tasty. The drive through is located in a seedy part of town so I would expect there are some strange goings on here.

The Vehicle Vault is not much more than a wealthy unfocused car collectors spiffy garage. The cars all seem to be in very nice condition but they collection seem random and in speaking to the ticket seller we were told the cars were all purchased at the Barrett Jackson auctions in Arizona.

Our plan for the day was to drive south to Colorado Springs to take the Swiss built Cog Railway train to the summit of the famed Mountain “Pikes Peak”. Upon arriving at the ticket booth we were told the weather at the 14,000 foot peak was ice & snow and the train would not be running all the way up. Also the visibility was very poor due to an incoming storm. Our pre-purchased tickets were refunded and we headed to a local brewery, then to Garden of the Gods state park.   It was windy and cold but much better than ice at 14,000 feet!.

In lieu of seeing the mountain in person we opted to see the museum dedicated to the historic hillclimb race that is run up the dirt roads of the mountain each summer. The Penrose Heritage Museum is a small but very well maintained museum primarily focusing on the race but also encompasses some of the local history of Colorado. Plus its has free entrance!

The Ivywild School a former school is not a mixed setting featuring a coffee shop, brewery and event center.

Fieldhouse Brewing Company is an extremely dog friendly brewpub. A stark contrast from most of the breweries in Denver and Boulder who shun dog like they carry the plague.

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  1. No. 156: I thought you said ‘no peeking’?

    1. Tash was doing all the “peeking”. I was just enjoying some coffee

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