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Europe 2019 – Scotland to England – Day One

Setting off early on a grey Sunday morning, we had a schedule this day. We need to be in Fort William at the train station to see the The Jacobite Steam train depart or more desirable, see it cross over the historic Glenfinnan Viaduct. This train and viaduct were both immortalized in a Harry Potter film. Our first stop of the day though was the Ruthven Barracks. This fortress was constructed by the Highlands government in 1721 after the Jacobite uprising. From there we made our way southwest then west towards the viaduct. The roadway ran along side the train-tracks so we hopped to ride along side the puffing steam locomotive. When we arrived at the viaduct viewing location parking lot we discovered it was overrun by tourists to the point that all of the roads in the area were blocked with goofy looking and frantic Harry Potter fans. Within seconds of seeing them, we decided it not worth the troubles and choses to watch the train cross the viaduct on youtube! East a few miles is the less touristy Neptune’s Staircase. A series of eight locks designed built in 1803 to raise/lower vessels by 62 feet. Our next stop was along Loch Achtriochtan in the stunning Glen Coe Valley for a few roadside photos. Then a small waterfall a short way farther. The Green Welly Stop was our chance at a snack and a gas fill up before stopping at the impressive St.Conan’s Kirk. Inveraray Castle was next on our route but when we arrived at the parking lot we noticed the dozens of tour busses and decided to walk the vast woodland around the castle. A stop at Fyne Ales Brewery Tap & Shop proved to be better then expected. This small craft brewery was very welcoming and produced some excellent beer. Our destination now was our stay for the night. The Drovers Inn was located on a narrow twisting road that followed the shore of a large loch. The rains that threatened all day finally fell with a fury, filling the tiny roadway with water. We were released to finally arrive at the very rustic inn for the night.

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