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Europe 2019 – Scotland to England – Day Two

Waking early and walking around the The Drovers Inn to see the effects on the previous nights storm: a huge mountain waterfall behind us feeding into a large flooded field behind the building that rushed with a torrential flow. Our fist stop for the day was for a quick “real” coffee just south of Glasgow. Then we made the nonstop drive all the way south to the city of Carlisle to see its impressive Carlisle Cathedral and take in some of the cities sights and have a beer and pizza at Brewdog. Next was the High Force Waterfalls viewable via a trail into the woods after purchasing a ticket at a nearby ice-cream stand. After a stop at another destroyed abby (Egglestone Abbey) we set our sights on our final destination of the day and stay for the night. Our route took us through the most impressive scenery yet. The Yorkshire Dales National Park is a vast and quite amazing. Signs of damage from the  previous nights storm were quite visible.  The roadway through is wide enough for two way traffic – just. Hundreds of sheep wandered the green rolling hills and often stumbled along the roadway. This area far surpasses anything seen in Scotland and has the added bonus of not having flies swarming you. A quick roadside stop at the impressive Buttertubs geological formation. The Green Dragon Inn was another very rustic pub with rooms. This location also included a very large waterfall accessible via a gate at the rear paring lot – tickets purchased again in an ice-cream shop.

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