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Europe 2019 – Back in the Netherlands

Waking for the final time after a noisy night of people screaming and braking bottles in the street we set out onto the streets to find them strewn with blowing garbage and dark skies. We made our way to a cafe for coffee as the rains and wind kicked up and soaked the venders setting up for the Saturday market. Fortunately our coffee and the rains finished at the same time and we walked back to the car and out this ugly city. Our first stop just on the edge of the Dutch boarder is the Verbeke Foundation, a vast collection of buildings and wooded walks strewn with strange and quite bizarre art projects. If one were not sickened by the rotting animal heads under glass, you can have a nice lunch in the huge cafe. A worthwhile stop just to see how far a definition “art” can be stretched.   Our next stop; art of a more practical nature: The Bolwoning are a collection of are spherical dwellings on a column that were designed in late 1970s and built in 1980s. They are quite striking when seen in a collection along side of a road.  Soon after we arrived at our stay for the night; The city of Arnhem and the beautiful historic hotel Hotel Molendal. The city has become a focal point in recent years of the Liberation Route Europe. A small but very nice city that includes some wonderful bars and restaurants and a huge cement Aardvark . Just to the north of the market square is a large and very enjoyable park with walking trails and water features including a walk-behind waterfall.

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