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Europe 2019 – Back to the Netherlands – Part Two

Heading to the Euro-Tunnel via single lane country roads again, we arrived at the check-in point a bit early and were able to take an earlier train. As usual, the journey was simple and fast and soon we were on the at the beaches of Dunkirk, our first stop on the way to Gent, our stop-over for the night.  The beaches are littered with huge foreboding WWII German  bunkers that over the years have slid down the dunes. One of the bunkers has become the subject of an art project and has been covered with broken glass mirror creating a startling effect.  The rest of the bunkers are just an ugly eye-sore and a reminder of German aggression.  Our next stop was just over the Dutch boarder and the small town of Sluis. We intended to visit the BIZARIUM museum but simply settled for some good beer and food – lacking over the last three weeks in the UK. Back over the boarder we entered the large Belgian city of Gent a very historic but mostly dirty and often ugly place. Our B&B was very close to downtown market square, but this proximity lead to Friday night partiers yelling and screaming all night and into the early light of morning.


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