68 Fiat Dino Spider

1968 Fiat Dino Spider – Introduction

“The Dino” named in honor of Enzo Ferrari’s son Dino, who died at the age of 24, refers to a series of cars built using a V6 engine designed by Vittorio Jano. The first version; a two liter all aluminum and magnesium V6 was intended as a Grand Prix racing engine. It’s renowned for its “6-pack” of Weber carburetors, chain-driven quad cams and eight thousand RPM red-line (tested to 10K) that produces one of the all-time best engine sounds.

As per Grand Prix regulations at the time; Ferrari was required to utilize this engine in no less than 500 production cars per year, an amount the Ferrari factory was unable to achieve. So, in 1966 Fiat and Ferrari entered into an agreement to have Fiat build a series of cars using the “Dino” engine. Two models were developed: A spider designed by Pininfarina and a Coupe developed by Bertone. This business agreement would be the first step that would eventually see Fiat owning a controlling interest in Ferrari’s street production vehicles.

The cars were only sold in Italy, Germany, France, and the Netherlands and were never officially exported into the U.S.
Production Data for the 2-liter V6 – 1967 & 1968 1,113 Spiders / 3,629 Coupes

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