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Fiat Dino Turn Signal Flasher Relay

The original flasher relay in the Fiat Dino is what’s known as a “bi-metallic spring,” which is a flat strip with one kind of metal on one side, and another kind on the other. The flexible strip connects the electrical supply from the box to the wiring that goes to your turn signal switch. Electrical current flowing through the strip heats it up, causing the metal on the bottom layer to expand more than the metal on the top. This causes the strip to arc up and away from the electrical contact. When the strip cools, it drops back down again. This cycle is what causes your lights to flash. This system, while simple is prone to age that dims the bulbs. A new electro-mechanical flasher is best used to replace the old unit. The Novita Technologies EL13 has three terminals like the original; X-power, L-switch, P-dash lamps. No grounding is required with this new unit.

Dash Lights – azzurro wire (light blue) – to the P terminal
Power – azzurro/nero wire (light blue with black stripe) – to the  X terminal.
Turn Switch – viola wire (purple) – to the L terminal
A mounting tab can be glued to the top of the new relay to help attach it at the same location as the original.


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