2010 Alfa Romeo Centennial, Dutch Alfa Club Trips, Europe 2010

Alfa Centennial Drive – Day Three – Munich to Telfs Austria

Leaving the big city of Munich was extra tricky for the drivers as it was quite rainy and the route book was difficult to follow but as soon as the correct roads were found we were greeted with a beautiful drive through some twisty mountain roads and small villages that fortunately open for business. As we climbed up into the mountains and the tempture dropped, some amazing vistas were exposed in the clouds. Seeing mountains this huge in person is quite stunning.

The days drive ended at one of the most spectacular hotel resorts I’ve ever seen; The Interalpen Hotel Tyrol way up a winding road just past Telfs Austria. Aside from the stunning views and huge rooms it included an incredible swimming pool that was part inside and part outside of the hotel. The air tempture was quite cold but the water was warmed to perfection.

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