2010 Alfa Romeo Centennial, Dutch Alfa Club Trips, Europe 2010

Alfa Centennial Drive – Day Four – Telfs Austria to Stresa Italy

It was difficult to pack up and leave such an incredible resort/hotel. Now all future lodgings will be compared to this last nights stay and will pale by comparison.

The drive for day four was available in two flavors; long and short. The longer of the two drives took us over several mountain ranges and through some beautiful farmlands. Switzerland is an amazing little country full of happy looking cows with musical bells hanging from their necks.  We were warned about the Swiss police and the intolerance for cars – with speeding cars being almost an act worse then murder…. so we kept a sharp eye on the speedometer.

As the elevation increased the tempture dropped to the point of freezing. At the ultimate hight we encountered about a foot of snow. Within two hours we were in the tropical climate of Stresa Italy – an area that overlooks the beautiful Lago Magoria in Northern Italy.

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