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Two Vessel HRMS System

A traditional HERMS (Heat Exchange Recirculated Mash System) is typically done with three vessels; One for hot water (known as the HLT or Hot Liquor Tank) then the Mash Tun where the grains are soaked with the recirculated liquid that will be the wort and third is the boil kettle where the finished wort is then boiled. This system forgoes the boil kettle and uses the HLT as a boil kettle once the grains are fully soaked then trained with the Brew In a Bag system. After the wort has boiled and hops added at appropriate times, the wort is cooled and then transferred to the fermentor, yeast added and kept at 68f for several weeks to ferment. Once this process is complete the wort becomes beer and is cooled to low temperature then carbonated.

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