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Fla to CT 2021 – Day Two

Sunrise over the St. Johns River was a welcome start to a day that would mostly be via the dreaded Interstate 95 – the famous road to Florida (or away from).

Time for a fill up – and why not gas up at the worlds largest gas station – Buc-ees, A massive chain out of Texas now populating the East Coast.

After a bit, the first stop for the day was a visit to the famed Jekyll Island, home to many simple ranch houses, white sandy beaches and the birth place of the Federal Reserve – a collection of central banks that control of the money supply for the US Government.  Kennedy tried to get rid of them… and look where it got him.

The island is very scenic and much of the populace seems to drive golf carts around.  Entry to the island cost 8 bucks and is called a parking pass – even if you don’t want to park.

There were not too many scenic stops this day. I95 for many hours until Florence South Carolina and Seminar Brewing in particular. A huge open space with lots of choices.

Another hour up the interstate was the stop for the night.


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