73 Giulia Super Rebuild

Alfa Romeo Giulia Super Restoration part 12

Various updates: Some of the front suspension and drive shaft parts have been assembled. All new bushings, powder coated parts and cadmium plated hardware. Soon to be dirty….anyway.

Img_4186 Img_4187 Img_4188 Img_4189 Img_4190 Img_4192

Color and clear have been applied. Wet sanding and buffing are to come. Gaps look perfect (to the eye wide angle lens may show differently). The photos were taken under fluorescent lights so took a shot of the valence in the sunshine outside. Next step – undercoating with a product from Wurth

Img_4197 Img_4194 Img_4193 Img_4199 Img_4201 Img_4195 Img_4196 Img_4202 Img_4203 Img_4205 Img_4207 Img_4204

Rear axel and steering box With all the parts finally together and prepared the rear axel was assembled. Some of the powder coating flaked off and will be touched up. I’ve ordered a new set of break lines and will put them on when they arrive. The steering box was held up due to the oil seal – then I discovered I could simply buy one at a local bearing shop! $5 and it fits perfect. I purchased a second one while I was there and gave it away an hour later to a needy person with a leaking box. The size of the oil seal is 28/40/7mm. Always buy two! Yes, I know the burman box should be painted black. I blasted it and gave it several shots of clear.

Img_4211 Img_4210 Img_4212 Img_4213 Img_4209 Img_4214 Img_4217 Img_4218

Undercoating – painting finished! As all the clear has been applied and dried final wet sanding and polishing are just about done. The underside of the car has been treated to 6 cans of Wurth underbody rubberized protectant. Tomorrow the car comes back home for the start of reassembly. The break/clutch assembly was dismantled and cleaned up.

Img_4222 Img_4224 Img_4230 Img_4228 Img_4231 Img_4233 Img_4229 Img_4238 Img_4235 Img_4237 Img_4241 Img_4239 Img_4240 Img_4236 Img_4219 Img_4220 Img_4242 Img_4243


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