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Alfa 105 Transmission oil change

Its been quite a few years since the transmission fluid was changed so before a long road-trip to Florida I thought it was a good time to do so.  Unfortunately it was very cold and snowing/raining..

Step one is to gather up the parts and tools.
2 Qts of Redline 75w 90ns Oil (It takes 1.85qts)
12 mm Alen wrench for fill plug
M22 coper crush washers (2) – available here:
22mm socket for drain plug

1) Warm transmission oil up with a 10 min drive.
2) Remove fill plug first; so if the hex fitting in the plug is stripped and you are unable to remove the filler – you can still drive the car.
3) Remove the drain plug and allow all the fluid to drain out.
4) Clean the magnet on the drain plug.
5) Replace the coper washer and apply Anti-Seize compound to the threads and replace the drain plug.
6) Fill the transmission with 1.85 qts of fluid
7) Replace the coper washer on the fill plug, apply anti-seize and replace plug.

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  1. Hei Fred, nice procedure!
    Feel any difference now?

  2. Fred Frey says:

    Not sure. Did not have time to drive yet. Will test out today. Hard to get the car warm as its FREEZING here.

  3. Robert Rizzo says:

    Weather looks terrible in the east. Even cold in Florida.

    1. Fred Frey says:

      Bitter cold while doing this. The warm engine above both kept me somewhat warm and shielded from the snow.

  4. Frank says:

    Fred, is that a pump you are using to get the oil flowing into the transmission? This is an issue when doing all this in the driveway (pump from underneath, let flow from above)? Any specific pump recommendations appreciated.

    1. Fred Frey says:

      The only way to fill the transmission fluid is from underneath the car. So a pump is required. There are many available and all of them that I have used have been cheap Chinese junk that just about work.

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